In this post we shared Online Admission System Synopsis. Currently the student submits hard copy of filled application form to the college and office staff enters all data into excel file and write same in manual register. College staff checks all the application and calculates marks list for selection process. After the manual work the college staff sends letter to selected candidates or they post in the notice board.The student has to come to the college to check the selected candidate’s lists in the notice board.

Proposed Online Admission System will eliminate all the manual intervention and increase the speed of whole process.  This Web portal will help the student to get the information about a particular course and then they can easily register them self in a particular course. After successful submission, system will give unique registration no for each student. Student can login into system by using registration ID and they can check shortlisted candidate details. The management of the college can easily see the records of the students, their registered course and fees. College staff can short list the candidates instantly without any errors.

Project platform:

  • Front End: PHP
  • Back End:MySQL Server

Data Flow Diagram – DFD:

Level 0:

Online Application System

Level 1:

Online Application System DFD

Online Admission System ER Diagram:

Online Application System ER diagram

Online Application System Project modules:

  • Admission module: This module is for new students where student can register their admission details by entering their profile information, qualification details,etc.
  • Data entry module: This module is for college staff to enter student admission records manually. All record stores in admission module. Here college staff can process the admission form according to student marks.
  • Status view module: Here management or administrator can accept or reject student admission record. If it is rejected then it provides option to enter reason for rejection. The system also keeps track of statistical reports of dailyactivities of the Student Registration Process.
  • Selecting process: Here college staff can shortlist the selected candidates. The administrator can able to send the admission offer letters for the short listedcandidates.
  • Admission process: Here management has rights to accept or reject short listed student record after interview process.
  • Report: The system supports generation of reports based on different criteria.Here management can view applied student details, payment details, selected candidates, etc.

DOWNLOAD Online Admission System Synopsis

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    March 30, 2021 - 8:58 PM

    can I please get the source code for the application please…..
    It’s really required and is exactly what we require for our project
    please let me know via email ASAP

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