Here we shared SRS Travel Agency with complete SRS. The main purpose of this project is to develop most cost-effective and user friendly ticket booking system with huge features of latest web development technology. This e Travel Agency web portal provides customer an option to book the bus, train, flight tickets online and to check the confirmation online. Also it provides an option of hotel room booking and tour package reservation.

Intended Audience and Reading Suggestions

  • The system provides the user friendly environment for the customers to maintain their profile information.
  • The customers do not have to personally go to the counter or contact representatives through the telephone, but they have to only access this website to book tickets.
  • Ticket reservation which include checking availability, booking tickets and payment options.
  • Customers who wish to travel across may reserve their air flights operated by any airline among all available airports through this website.
  • By using this app, user can not only save time but also get much larger search space from which they have higher chance to find a suitable flight, bus, train, tour package, hotels.
  • User friendly administrator dashboard to manage company details, hotels, room types, rooms, fight details, tour package details, etc.

Product Perspective

The users are provided with a graphical interface through which they can interact with the system. The website helps users to list searched results, process booking, payment, modification and cancellation to existing reservations. Unless like in the previous stage people as to walk into travel agency company to buy the tickets and also to check the timings. This problem is overcome introducing e Travel Agency web portal.  This project will provide an option to customers to book the tickets online and to check the confirmation online. Using this system customer can book flight tickets, Bus tickets, Train tickets and they can book or reserve hotels.

The Travel agency script is designed using HTML5, CSS, and Javascript. And developed using PHP programming language. All the record stores in MySQL database.

User Classes and Characteristics

The system provides access to Visitors, Customers and Administrators.

  • Visitor: Users who are currently not logged in and have not registered to the website are visitors. Visitors can check availability of the flight reservations. In order to book the ticket the visitor will need to login with the valid username and password else register with the app and create an account.
  • Customer: Customers can check availability of the flight reservations and also book tickets by making payment online. They can also view their booking details, payment details etc.
  • Administrator: Administrator can manage company details, hotels, room types, rooms, fight details, tour package details, etc. Also admin can view and print transaction report, booking report, cancellation report, etc.

Software Interfaces

  • Scripting languages: HTML, CSS, Javascript
  • Front End: PHP.
  • Back End: MySQL
  • Software: XAMPP 1.8.2
  • Server: Apache server
  • Database server: MySQL Server
  • Operating System: Windows XP or higher.

Functional Requirements

Flight ticket booking: In this module the customer can search source-destination, check flight timings and book a ticket through online.

  • Search flight ticket
  • View flights and flight schedules
  • Flight information
  • Make a ticket booking online
  • Cancellation

Bus ticket reservation module: In bus ticket reservation module there has been a collection of buses, customer can book the ticket by selecting agency, date and departure time of the bus.

Train ticket reservation module: In train reservation module customer can check train scheduled timings and the can book tickets through online by entering Place, date and time.

Hotel reservation: After booking train ticket, bus ticket or flight ticket the system will provide option to search hotels. Customer can reserve the hotels by selecting check-in date, checkout date and hotel name.

Holiday package: The customer can search tour packages by entering destination, duration of travel, month of travel and number of person.

Payment module: This module allows customers to make payment after the reservation. The customer will receive ticket receipt by mail after the payment.

My Account: This module is for customers where customer can access account module after login id and password. This module will display booked ticket, Billing receipt, ticket cancellation page, logout, etc.

Cancel booking: Customer can cancel flight ticket, bus ticket, train ticket, or hotel bookings. The system refunds paid amount the after deducting cancellation charges.

Dashboard module: This module allows the administrator of this site to manage the different aspects of ticket reservation related activities. The administrator of the site can add or modify the records of flights, bus, train, holiday packages, etc.

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