Web Portal for natural Resources & Wildlife Project Report : An amazing website for promoting awareness and conservation of Natural Resources & Wildlife. Apart from arousing the alertness it also posses detailed information on various resources and rare Indian animals along with coverage of all species of animals that are to be protected. With this, it will act as a platform for wildlife conservationists and ecologists to share their knowledge and recent trends in this field using the blogs and social networking. Blogs and Social Networking are achieved in this project using the PHP CMS (Content Management System) and Frameworks. It will incubate research and participation on subjects like animal communications, habitats, wildlife health issues, effects of global warming and various disasters.

Functions of Web Portal for natural Resources & Wildlife Project Report:

  1. To monitor statistics related to endangered species jeopardized habitats, unbalanced ecosystems and unfavorable climatic changes.
  2. To facilitate members to form groups to organize local meetings, wildlife forums, periodicals and Wildlife camps.
  3. To provide a space for registered users to post interesting photos, videos and presentations on Indian Wildlife.
  4. Secure registration and profile management facilities for registered members and, government and non government agencies.
  5. To acquaint users with various career opportunities in the field of wildlife, along with list of universities offering Wildlife Degrees, fellowships and certifications.
  6. It will portray recent wildlife success stories with an opportunity for users to participate in Wildlife blogs, forums, internships, conferences and other awareness programs.
  7. A regular news-letter should be sent to registered users to spread awareness.
  8. To setup a reviewers panel to have a tab on data being posted for the website and select appropriate contents from them to be posted. Moreover, this panel will be responsible for solving various queries of website users.


  • Anonymous users
  • Group members (registered users)
  • Government and private organizations, Wildlife conservationist, ecologists, veterinarians and wildlife enthusiasts.
  • Site administrators


  • Frontend: PHP
  • Backend: MySQL
  • Framework: Zend, yii
  • CMS: Joomla
  • Server: Apache httpd & PHP Server 5.3
  • Platform: Linux (Debian)

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