Employee Payroll And Task Management System will handle Employee attendance, Payroll accounting, Task Management, Salary calculations, etc are the main objectives of this web application. In this application administrator creates branches and he assign Branch manager in each branch. Branch manager will add employees to his branch and he assign tasks to his employees. Administrator is the main user of this web application and Branch manager will manage employee records.

Employee Payroll And Task Management System

Our project Employee payroll and Task Management System is an online application we create a website to check No. of employees in each branch, Employees records, Tasks and time frame, attendance records, salary details, etc. The employees can submit their attendance, and the managers can check employee attendance and his task details, etc. Also Branch Manager can calculate and disburse salary to his employees.

User types:

  • Administrator: The administrator is a super user and he has complete control over all
    activities the can be performed. The administrator can view Branch details, Employee
    details, task details, salary details, etc.
  • Brach Manager: The branch manager who handles employees and he assign tasks to his
  • Employees: Employees are the co-workers and they will complete the task given by the
    branch manager

Softwares used:

  • Front-end: PHP
  • Back-end: MySQL Server

Modules of Employee Payroll And Task Management System:

  • Home page: Home page is the first page of the website. Home page contains the
    information of company and Login page. In this Administrator or Employee can login to
    the site by entering Login ID and Password.
  • Web configuration: In this page Administrator will configure website settings, Branch
    details, etc.
  • Employees Module: In this page Administrator will add employee record by entering
    Employee profile, Experience details, Payroll details, etc. One system creates Employee
    record Admin will send login information to the employees.
  • Projects Module: In this page admin will add different projects and he will schedule
    Time frame Start time and End Time for those projects. In this module administrator can
    send project documents, requirements, he can communicate with employees of the
  • Task module: In this module branch manager or supervisor will assign the task to the
    employees of the company. He will create team and assign task to his team members.
    Chat option is implemented in this module to communicate with employees and
    employees can send necessary documents or any information.
  • Attendance Module: In this module employees will submit attendance. Admin or Branch
    manager will track employee’s attendance report i.e.; Login time, Logout time, No. of
    attended days, etc.
  • Payroll Module: In this module Administrator or Branch manager will generate monthly
    salary to its employees. Generate Basic salary, Deduction, PF, Bonus, LOP(Loss of Pay)
    are the main features of this module.

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