Textile Management System Project Report : The project titled “TEXTILE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM” is developed using VB.NET as front end and SQL SEREVR as back end for Garments. The company deals with production of textile goods. This project aims at to monitor all process in the company, like order receiving, sampling, purchase of raw materials, production of goods, shipment and bills. As these works are done manually at the company at present it takes a lot of time to complete the work.

The main goal of this project is to reduce manual works, increase the processing speed and ensure reliability of data. All process needed for the textile management is recorded for providing good information to the concern. Various reports are generated based on the requirement. Reports will present the management with the current position of the company.

Textile Management System Project Report


MODULES OF Textile Management System:

  • Order Receiving module: The details of all the orders received from other nations are recorded. Order Receiving module contains dates like Order number ,Date of receiving the order, Date of delivery and The concern name.
  • Sampling module: The details of all the sample goods sent to the concern are recorded. Sampling module contain data’s such as Quality of the good, Tape measures, Box measures and Cover measures.
  • Purchase module: The details about the purchase of the raw materials are recorded. The data’s used are Quantity, Quality, Amount, Purchase date of the goods.
  • Processing module: The details about the daily processing of the raw materials are recorded. The daily amount of goods processed are used as data’s of this module.
  • Production module: The details about the amount of production of goods are recorded, The Production Module contains the data’s such as the amount of raw material usage, wastage of raw materials, goods used in the sampling module.
  • Transportation module: The details about the transportation of goods from the company to the warehouse and the transportation of goods from the warehouse to the Harbor.
  • Shipment module: The details about the shipment of goods to the Concern are recorded in this module. The data’s used are Cargo, Container number, Transporting details , Travelling distance and Date of delivery of goods.
  • Billing Modules: The details about the bills are recorded in this module.The bills are calculated according to all other above modules.

Existing system of Textile software:

The system, which is followed at present, is a manual system. Important drawback of existing system is time factor. It will not help the management to solve the problem in time.

Proposed system of Textile Management software:

The drawbacks, which are faced during existing system, can be eradicated by using the proposed system. The main objective of the proposed system is to provide a Electronic user-friendly interface. The system, which is proposed, now computerizes all the details that are maintained manually. Once the details are fed into the compute there is no need for various persons to deal with separate sections. Only a single person is enough to maintain all the reports.

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  • abirami

    August 14, 2020 - 7:10 PM

    In textile management whether we use an android or iot

    • Student Project Guide

      August 14, 2020 - 7:44 PM

      Here we shared only project report

  • Bojja Srinivasa Rao

    May 15, 2021 - 5:12 PM

    Hi sir,
    if you possible Could You Please Send Textile Management Software With Source Code and database
    thanks and regards
    Bojja Srinivas Rao

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