Here we shared Call Center Management System Synopsis. The project is on Call center management. call center is the place where customer can ask and verify queries about various products and even subscribe the products. So there is need to answer the queries asked.


In our project we have 2 users. First is the administrator who will  have the authority for the entire application.Second one is the callcenter executives who enter the product details,Client information,queries etc.

Purpose of the project

“To make software fast in processing, with good user interface so that user can change it and it should be used for a long time without error and maintenance.”

Scope of the project

Our project has a big scope to do:

  • Stores the client information
  • Stores the queries asked by the clients.
  • Store the products details as wells as information regarding subscribed products.
  • Stores the Executive Information.

Modules of Call Center Management System

  • Module 1: Login-Id

 This module is made for the login of  callcenter executives and administrator. They have to enter the username and password to enter into the application.

  • Module 2: Callcenter Executives(Employees)

This module is for the administrator who will store the information of executives.

  • Module 3: Client Information

There are 2 types of client information

1.Existing Clients

2.Interested Clients

Existing Clients:

These are the clients whose information will be collected from other sources such as college,office database etc

Interested Clients:      

These are the clients who themselves call callcenter executives and post their queries

 This module is also for the administrator who can generate or check the report of the products and how many products are sold on particular date or in a period of time.

  • Module 4: Information about products : This module is for call center Executives who will store the information regarding the various products.
  • Module 5: Queries : This module is for the callcenter Executives who will store the queries asked by the customers.
  • Module 6: Subscribed Records This module stores the information regarding the products which has been subscribed by the customers.

Download Complete Call Center Management System Synopsis

Note: We have shared lots of project report in the PROJECT REPORT section. Download it for reference purpose.


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