This page has Agriculture Management System Synopsis. Project title given AgriBuzz indicates Intelligent Agriculture which helps farmer and agents. This site helps the farmers to sell their agricultural produce online and suggests best -in-practice farming processes. Hence, providing a wider market and helping them to not restrict themselves to the local market. It helps the wholesalers and retailers in buying produce from larger number of farmers. Thereby, enables the wholesalers and retailers in expanding their business. It features online shopping for fertilizers, pesticides, machinery & tools, etc. It helps the farmers to keep track of their agricultural production with features such as virtual calendar, weather forecasting, etc. and enables them to hire labourers, which in turn, will help the farm labourers to find small jobs by having a work profile in the website. As a whole, ‘AgriBuzz’ provides a concept of virtual agricultural trade to its users.

Modules of the AgriBuzz project:

  • Customer account module
  • Product module
  • Category module
  • Location module
  • Production module
  • Purchase request module
  • Purchase order module
  • Seller module
  • Labourer module
  • Work request module
  • Article and blog module
  • Dashboard Module

Project Category:

            RDBMS (Relational Database Management System).

Language(s) to be used:

  • Design and Interface: HTML ,CSS
  • Programming language: PHP
  • Scripting language: AJAX, Javascript
  • Database: MySQL Server

Hardware Requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows XP, 7 OR 8
  • Processor: Intel Core Duo 2.0 GHz or more
  • RAM: 1 GB or more
  • Hard Disc: 80 GB or more
  • Monitor: 15 inches CRT or LCD Monitor
  • Keyboard: Normal or multimedia keyboard
  • Mouse: Compatible Mouse

Software Requirements:

  • XAMPP 1.8.2
  • APACHE Server 5.4.19
  • MySQL Server 5.4
  • Adobe Dreamweaver CS 6.0
  • Browser: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox

Innovativeness and Usefulness:

  • Farmers can sell their produce online which can be purchased by wholesalers and retailers. Buyers can send purchase request to check the quality of the product.
  • After negotiating the price for the produce, the farmer sends a purchase order. This module covers these entries and charge details also should be entered. The payments will be received from the wholesaler/retailer, once the produce is delivered to them.
  • There are four types of users: farmers, wholesalers/retailers, labourers and administrator. The login ID and password is required to login to the system.
  • The articles and blog sections help farmers to gain knowledge.
  • Administrator can view and print all kinds of reports.
  • It allows the farmers to keep track of their agricultural produce.
  • It helps the farm labourers in finding jobs.

Future scope of the project:

  • We can create Android or iOS application for this project.
  • We can make use of sensor technology to measure the quality of the product.

Download Agriculture Management System Synopsis:

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