This project is aimed at developing a Web application that depicts online Shopping of products and purchasing using Payment Gateway. This project is aimed at how the companies can improve the efficiency of the services.Online Shopping is one of the applications to improve the marketing of the company’s products. Thisweb application involves almost all the features of the online shopping; the future implementation will be online help for the customers and chatting with website incharge.

Definitions, Acronyms, Abbreviations

Registration: This feature deals with the customer registration.

Products: This feature deals with the online shopping of products.

Accessories: This feature deals with the online shopping of Accessories.

Cart: This feature deals with the addition of items to the cart, update of the quantity of items and deletes the items from the cart.

Confirmation of order: This feature deals with confirmation of the order made by the customer and generation of bill.

Pay pal: This feature deals with buying the products in the cart by specifying the debit card number, back account number

Admin: This feature deals with addition and deletion of items to the specific category of products and the admin has the right to view the pending bills.

Overview of online shopping system

Online shopping is the process in which consumers go through to purchase of products or services over the Internet. A Shopping application that typically runs on the computer where your Web site is located (the Web server), and allows your customers to do things such as viewing the product in your store catalog, adding a selected product to a basket, and placing an order for it. Online shopping application advertises some of the products for shopping .Here the customer will be able to purchase the products and the purchased products will be added to the cart. After the shopping of the products the user will confirm the purchase of the products in the cart. After confirmation the products are purchased by specifying the debit card number to the pay pal website.

Product Perspective

The product will be developed completely independent and dynamic website. The employees have to register for online shopping of products. Only the admin is allowed to add or remove items from the specific group of items. Pay pal website handles the purchase of products by debit card or credit card.

Product Functions

The product functions will include the following steps:

  • Initially customer has to register to the website to access most of the features of the application. The customer has to specify the details like emailid, password, etc.
  • After registration, Online shopping application advertises some of the products for shopping .Here the customer will be able to purchase the products and the purchased products will be added to the cart.
  •  After the confirmation of purchase of products, a bill will be generated to the customer.
  • Customer purchases the products by specifying his/her debit card number. The confirmation of debit card numbers will be handled by the Pay pal website.
  • After the purchase of products the paypal website will give the confirmation to shopping website and admin will update the bills to pay.
  • Admin is able to add, update, and remove items in various categories of products.
  • Admin is also able to view and update the details of bills.

Functional Requirements

Main and Login Page:  The main page, neatly designed page, here login option is provided to login. Also new signup option is provided to for new user to signup.

Product Category Display page:  This screen display all the main categories from this point user can select any category and they can proceed to select the products in this category.

Product Selection Screen: This search screen. Option must be provide to select the product based on name. Select product based on the category and based on the company. Etc.,

Product search result screen:  This screen shows all the products under the search criteria. If there are no products under these search criteria then system will give the message that there are no products found under this category. Also option is provided to select the products.

View Cart Screen: View cart screen shows all the selected items, here quantity as to be entered. And also option is provided to deselect the products.

Order Details Screen:  This screen shows the final products in the view cart. This gives product list, quantity, Total Amount etc., So user will get the clear information that how much is the total amount of this selection.

Order Confirmation Screen:  This is the final screen in buying process. Here customer as confirm the order.

Customer registration: This module deals with the registration of employee. Employee should enter all his/her details i.e. the details of the customer like name, email address, password, etc. Registration successful and customer is allowed to logged in the website. So that he/she can access most of the features available in the website.

Products: This module deals with selecting the products to be purchased and adding to the cart.

Download SRS for online shopping system:


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