Online Exam System is developed for the students and faculty. By using this project, students can give online exam through internet. The faculty can manage schedule of the Exam and students can give online Exam as per schedule. This project is very user-friendly and easy to use.


Three main modules of the project are given below:

  • Administrator
  • Student
  • Faculty


Administrator can manage various schools, classes, syllabus, exam categories, subjects, faculties and students.


Student can manage his/her own profile. Student can give online examination and view the result. Student can also compare answer with actual answer.


Faculty can manage his/her own profile. Faculty can manage student details, exam schedule and questions to be asked in Examination.



The main functionalities of administrator are as follows:

  1. Manage school or college.
  2. Manage users of this project.
  3. Create and manage Faculty.
  4. Create and manage Students.
  5. Manage classes and subjects.
  6. Manage subjects.
  7. Manage exam categories.


  1. He can give online exam.
  2. Update his profile.
  3. View the exam result.

– are the functionalities of student.


The main functionalities of faculty are given below:

  1. Update his profile.
  2. Create question bank for students.
  3. Create and manage exam schedule.

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