Diagnostic Center


The main objective of the Diagnostic Center project is to store the information of the test details in a hospital or a clinic. This project is an intranet based private web application. By using internet, the user can access this web application.

The purpose of the project is to develop the efficient software for maintaining the information related to the lab details. This project provides information about different tests for patients and purchase section. It automates the Lab Management System of the concern. Also, it provides a facility to generate the reports in different formats. Hence, reports are useful in strategic and tactic decision-making. By using this project, we can make billing of products with maximum user-interaction and error-free information. This project is completely menu driven, works efficiently and very user friendly.

By using Visual Basic as front end and MS-Access as back end, we developed this web application in Windows 98 operating system. The developed software is very user-friendly and it can handle the computerization of the system. The diagnostic center increases the efficiency of system and minimizes the time consumption. It is a web based online project.

The inpatient department, outpatient department, diagnostic center, intensive care units, ambulance, nursing stations, emergency ward, pharmacies, central drug stores, billing counter, operation theatres, mortuary, staff management, training departments and patient room management are the various departments of a hospital. Each department contains its own manager and few employees to manage its operations. All employees of hospital are trained to use the health care software provided by the hospital management. The employee should make the data entry otherwise they can’t fulfil their duties with appropriate inputs.

Proposed System

The general description is very client-oriented and it will give an executive overview. It explains the functional and data requirements of the application. It also provides a solid definition of the interface and touches on the performance and quality requirements of the application. Also, it will list the dependencies, limitations and assumptions of the application.

By computerizing this system, we can reduce the bad calculation of data and wrong interpretation. The system helps the user to view tasks, activities, documents, source code, team information with details at the click of a button. Also, the speed of the system is increased. The record data is maintained and backed up very efficiently. So, there is no loss of data.


Hardware Requirements

Processor: Intel Pentium IV or above

Processor Speed: 1.5 GHz or more

RAM: Minimum 512 MB RAM

Hard Disk: 80 GB HDD or more

Mouse: Optical Mouse

Keyboard: 104 Keys


Software Requirements

Operating System: Windows XP or Higher

Front End: ASP.NET

Back End: SQL Server 2000/ 2005

IDE: Visual Studio.NET 2005/2008

Language: C#.NET



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