Automatic Energy Management System


By using the Automatic Energy Management System, we can save the energy for production and control the power.


Two main modules of this Monitoring and Control system are given below:

1) Controller

2) PC


  • Relay/machine control
  • ADC for four machine power reader
  • Serial Communication

–  are the three modules of the Controller module


a) RS232 communication,

b) Control and communication,

c) Display module

– are the three modules of the PC module

By using opamp, we can control the power consumed by the machine to digital data’s. The power consumed is sent from micro controller to pc through RS232. Relay driver is used to control all the relays for load when micro controller requested to give the low power.


The power limited to four machines is 60 Watts / month. For every 10 days, calculation is done. If it exceeds 20 Watts, one machine should get tripped in order to equalize the power consumption. The remaining three machines will run till the power gets equalized for 10 days. For every 10 days, this process will continue.


The power consumed is sent from micro controller to pc.



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