AVR Based Smart Electricity Meter


The AVR Based Smart Electricity Meter project is developed for the users to read the electricity meter reading via Radio Frequency (RF).


This project has two units. One unit is placed in the office and we placed another unit in the user area. In the Office, a RF receiver is connected with the microcontroller kit. This microcontroller kit is connected with a LCD display.

In the user area, a RF transmitter is connected with a microcontroller kit. According to the usage of the electric power, the microcontroller will send the signal to the driver section. In this way, it operates the RF transmitter.

In the other side, the RF receiver receives the signal via driver section. This signal is converted to digital signal and transferred to the microcontroller. Based on the signal, the microcontroller will calculate the amount and transfers the signal to a LCD display. LCD display will display the meter reading and amount.

This project uses AVR ATMEGA 8535 Microcontroller. The micro controller program is written in the assembly language. By using this project, we can sense and monitor the individual consumer load even in the office.


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