Car Theft Prevention Using Code Locking System

Car Theft Prevention Using Code Locking System

The main objective of this Car Theft Prevention Using Code Locking System project is to avoid the vehicle theft by disconnecting the petrol tank connection during the emergency situation automatically, to detect the vehicle theft and to alert the owner of vehicle about the vehicle theft.


Presently, Car theft is becoming the main problem facing by the car owners. Now car manufacturers are giving good car security system, but the car thieves are easily breaking those security systems and stealing the cars. So, we are developing the project using FUZZY LOGIC to prevent theft of cars.

In this project, we can start the car only after we given the correct password. We will use a 4×4 matrix keypad to provide the password. The password is displayed on the LCD display. The whole system is controlled by the micro controller and it is referred as the heart of this project.

The car’s petrol tank, LCD display, EEPROM, battery control circuitry and keypad are interfaced with the micro controller. We stored the password in the EEPROM. We can erase the stored password electrically and can store new password if necessary in the EEPROM.

We should enter the correct password in this system, before starting the vehicle. If the entered password is matched with the password stored in the system, then the micro controller will switch on the battery control circuitry and connects the car’s petrol tank connection. These all operations are performed by the micro controller.

But the micro controller will disconnect the petrol tank connection and also will not switch ON the battery circuitry if wrong password is entered by the user. So, by using this project we can provide guaranteed, good security to the car and other vehicles.


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