Bus Backside Accident Alert System

Main aim of the proposed, Microcontroller based Bus backside accident alert system is to avoid the accident between the bus and the vehicle, which is standing/running behind the bus.

  • Transmitting section
  • Receiving section

-are the two main sections of this project.

The transmitting section has one ultrasonic sensor and this sensor is used to transmit the signals. Similarly, the receiving section has another ultrasonic sensor and it is used to receive the signals.

The operation of this system: The ultrasonic sensor sends its wave continuously with minimum time delay and its rays will reach only up to a certain distance because its power level is set. If it touches any obstacle, then it will get reflected. So, now if any vehicle comes near to this vehicle’s backside these ultrasonic waves will get reflected back. Then by using the micro controller unit we can detect this condition and we can avoid the vehicle accident.

By using the Micro controller, we can record those signals and then detect any changes or variation in its normal operation. Then the message will be sent to the buzzer and LCD display. Then, the buzzer will alert the vehicle driver. Thus, by using this system we can avoid the vehicle accident within few micro seconds. In future, this project is very useful for the public.