Automatic Speed Control in Speed Limit Zone

Automatic Speed Control in Speed Limit Zone project which automatically controls the speed of the vehicles at speed restricted areas such as school and hospital zone etc. The main reason behind developing this project is to avoid accident of vehicles at speed limit zones and also to help the passengers to cross the road safely without facing any danger from high speed vehicles. Normally, the vehicle drivers not consider the passengers who crosses road in speed limited areas and drive their vehicles at high speed. So, now accidents are increasing in these areas. The traffic police control the traffic but they are not able to avoid the accidents completely. Because he can’t keep an eye on the speed of every vehicles at all time in these speed restricted areas. To solve this problem we developed the proposed project, which not interrupts the vehicle drivers and controls the speed of the vehicles up to certain limit in these speed restricted zones.

In this proposed project, the speed of vehicles can be controlled by the RF communication method. When we are implementing this project, we have to attach transmitter in speed restriction zones and attach the RF receiver in the vehicle. When a vehicle enters this zone, then these transmitters will send continuous coded signal to those vehicle. The receiver in vehicle will receive those signals and then micro controller, which is attached inside the vehicle, will control the speed of vehicle automatically. When a micro controller receives the code signal then it will control the speed of the vehicle. To reduce the speed of vehicle up to a certain distance we placed transmitters, which transmit these codes. We can use these codes to control the accidents between vehicles and people in such zones.

Advantage: This project is very useful for the common people to walk safely in the roads of speed restricted roads and also drivers can ride their vehicles safely.

Project title: Automatic Speed Control in Speed Limit Zone