Advanced Call Taxi Meter

Advanced Call Taxi Meter

The main objective of Advanced Call Taxi Meter project is to calculate the call taxi’s meter reading, the distance travelled and the waiting time. The proposed project is an advanced call taxi meter and it provides advanced technologies.


We developed this project to calculate the waiting time and the distance travelled. Here by using the kilo meter counting circuit, we can calculate the distance travelled and the waiting time. It looks similar to the meter reading. We placed a sensor in between the slotted disk of energy meter and it will take the meter readings. Later, number of pulse will be counted. From this, we will calculate the distance travelled. The alarm will be turned on, when the call taxi reaches its destination. The interfacing is done through I\O lines. This project is micro controller based and all processes are controlled by the controlling section. The waiting time and the distance traveled are displayed on the LCD. This project is very useful for the call taxi drivers.

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