Obstacle Detecting Autonomous Robot

The main aim of the proposed project is to develop an Autonomous Robot to detect the obstacles with the help of Ultrasonic Detectors. Detecting the obstacle in the path of the autonomous robot with the help of Ultrasonic Detectors and avoiding the collision of the obstacles is the main purpose of this project.

Project title:
Obstacle Detecting Autonomous Robot


Nowadays we are automating each and every system in order to face the new challenges. Advantages of automated system are their flexibility, reliability, accuracy and they require less manual operations. So now every field prefers the automated control systems. Automated systems are giving good performance especially in the electronics field. Nowadays, we can minimize human losses in wars with the help of unmanned systems. So we can do the operations like obstacle evidence by using this robot.

In this project, we are designing an automated unmanned system which changes its path whenever any obstacle is detected.

According to this project, we designed a robot which moves all the time in any direction. By using embedded ULTRASONIC detectors this system detects the obstacle during which the direction of the robot is changed. All the devices such as the motor by which robot is made to move, ULTRASONIC detectors are being interfaced to microcontroller which forms the control unit of the project.

The robot will move here and there in the standby mode. When ULTRASONIC detectors detect any obstacle, the same is sensed and is intimated to the micro controller. Then by driving the motors in a respective direction the micro controller changes the direction of the robot.

This project is very useful for the person who wants to make the unmanned system with some intelligence.


Ultrasonic detectors work on a principle which evaluates the attributes of a target by interpreting the sound waves or the echoes from radio respectively. Ultrasonic detectors are also called as transceivers because they both send and receive sound waves. We can examine the echo which is received by the detectors and can generate high frequency sound waves by using Ultrasonic detectors. The time interval between sending the signal and receiving the echo can be calculated by the detectors. We can determine the distance to an object by using this time interval.

We can measure the fullness of a tank, speed through air or water and wind speed and direction by using this technology. A device uses multiple detectors to measure speed or direction and to calculate the speed from the relative distances to particulates in the air or water. To calculate the amount of liquid in a tank, the detector calculates the distance to the surface of the fluid. Further applications include medical ultrasonography burglar alarms, sonar, non-destructive testing and humidifiers.

According to this project, we can develop an autonomous robot, which detects the obstacles on its way and the collision with other obstacles.