Web Enabled Interactive, Dynamic And Authenticated Work Order System

Nowadays, a customer interacts with the vendor through the Internet. So Internet will play an important role in the E-commerce. The main problem in a big organization is to assign a work to a specific employee and to complete the work within given time. The proposed WORK ORDER SYSTEM is developed to solve this problem.

Work Order System is an Internet based application. This system is very helpful for the company or organization that wants to complete the work efficiently and quickly. The administrator of the company or organization can place this system in the official website of the organization. In this syatem, he can view the orders placed by the customers. Later, he can analyse the orders of customers and can choose the appropriate employee to complete the work.

By logging daily into the site, the employee of the company should register his presence daily. After successful login, he will come to know about his work. He should complete the assigned work. After the end of day, the worker should update the status of his work.

The list of possible challenges are given below:
• Identification of the Authorized customer:
Many customers may see this site but only authorized customer can place the order. So, identifying the authorized customer is one of the main problem.

• Identifying the free employee:
The administrator of the site has the right to allocate the work to the worker. So identifying the free worker is the key problem. The Administrator will allocate work based on the time and efficiency.

• Assigning work to the empoyee:
The employee of the organization should not be free. So, whenever he finished his work, a message should be sent to the administrator quickly. Then administrator will assign another work to the employee.

• Managing Web-site Structure Information:
The structure of the web site is very important information. This system should manage the website structure information with the continuous changes in creating and maintaining electronic documents.

Software Requirements:
Operating System: Windows NT/ 95/ 98/ 2000
Web Server: Apache Tomcat
Language: JDK 1.5 (JSP, JDBC, Servlets)
Database: SQL Server, Oracle
GUI Tools: HTML, Java Script

Hardware Requirements:
Processor: Intel Pentium III or higher
Processor Speed: Minimum 250 MHz
RAM: 256MB RAM or more
Hard Disk: Minimum 30GB HDD
Mouse: Optical mouse
Key Board: 104 keys
Monitor: 14″ monitor or higher


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