Online examination system project

The main objective of Online examination system project is to conduct the examinations for all courses like B.A, B.B.M, B.Com etc in the university through online.

• Question Bank maintenance Application

• Exam processing Application

• Report Generation Application

– are the three main applications of this proposed project.

1. Question Bank maintenance:

This application will maintain the question bank.


• Entry Check: It enables the user to select a subject and by using a login form it verifies the entry of faculty before adding/updating the questions.

• Question Editor: This module deals with updating the old questions and deleting the unwanted questions from the database by the authorized faculty.

• Question Entry: It enables the authorized faculty to add new questions in the Text or Image format into the database.

• Maintaining the course details and student details in the database.

• Creating the required tables for the exam conducting application.

– are the five main modules of the Question Bank maintenance application.


2. Exam Processing:

The main objective of this application is to conduct the online exam and to store the results of each and every candidate subject wise in the database. Also for future verification, this application will store all questions and specified answers of each and every question for each student in the proof table. This application contains the following Modules.

Connecting to Database: In this Module, by using the user credentials like Server Name, User id and password the application connects to the database. After successful connection to the database, it will show the student login form.

Student identification: In this step, the candidate adds his own credentials such as his roll number, user id and password, provided by the authority. After his successful login, his question form with all the required options will be displayed to the candidate.

Submission of results: After giving answer to all the questions, the candidate is required to click on the “Submit” button available at the bottom of the question form. Then this application will store the details of all questions and answers of each candidate and later it will show the marks report to the candidate quickly.

3. Report Generation:

This application enables the authority to create a report of the examination results Roll number wise or Semester wise or Course wise. Also this application provides a facility for the authority to store the exam results in an excel work sheet file.

This application contains the following Modules.

Entry Screen: This module will show the all subject codes of each and every Semester/Course, for which the examination is conducted.

Marks Report for Each Course: This module will create the marks reports for the students Course wise or Subject wise or Semester wise.

Transferring report to excel file: This module enables the authority to take an excel copy of the reports that are created.

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