The main aim of the Examination System project is to help the users in writing the exams. This windows application will mainly focus on the basic Exam operations. We developed this project in Java and it is designed for the 32-bit Windows operating system and Microsoft Access is used to store database records.

The three main modules of this projects are:

  • Login Module
  • Extracting data from Database Module
  • Inserting data to Database Module

 Proposed System:

In the proposed exam suite project, user can create a account. By using that account, he can write the exam.

The major advantages of this project are given below:

• Quick access to the database

• User friendly Interface

• Reduced errors

 Storage Capacity

The Exam Suite project reduces the manual work and it replaces the manual system like hand written exams. By computerizing the system, we can save the time and speed up the process. It is very tough for the user to store all answer papers and other things. This system reduces inconsistency and data redundancy. It was checked and tested with the dummy data. By using this system, we can retrieve the data easily. This project is a online application. By using their E-mail ID, the users can view their exam results. But, they can’t modify or make changes in their account. This system provides best integrity and security.


Front End: Core Java J2SDK1.5

Back End: Microsoft Access 2003

Operating System: Microsoft WINDOWS XP/2003

Environment: Java Runtime Environment 1.5


Processor: Intel Pentium IV 2.4 GHZ or higher

RAM: Minimum 256MB RAM

Hard Disk: 40 GB HDD or higher

System bus: 32 bits

Clock speed: Minimum 500 MHZ

Keyboard: 108Keys

Mouse: 2 button mouse


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