Human Resources Information System (HRIS) is a software or solution to manage an organization’s workforce in a systematic way with the help of historical and projected data. It is highly customizable software that can meet every requirement of an organization’s HR functions. The mission of HRIS is to provide technical assistant to Human Resources Division so that it meets the requirements of Human Resources’ automation, data, records and information management.

Its primary focus is on establishing integrated systems for the administration and deployment of strategic Human Resource information, programs, and services! Focus on what matters Put an end to all the hassle. Stop shuffling paperwork. Use your time to empower your employees, create a vision for the future, and make your organization more strategic and systematic with the support of Information Technology.

Kazi Software Solutions is a business entity with a set of IT professionals mostly from HR background. It incepted back in 2009 with the aim of bringing digitization and automation in HR department to enhance efficiency in HR processes, contributing to business portfolio by reducing cost and paperless concept to support green world initiatives. As developers has strong HR background both academic and professional arena, the software get essence from practical HR practices and procedures which ensured its operation ability and best fit with the business.


HRIS system developed with professional outlook. You can have ribbon, tab commanding system like office programs. It has strong tools to enable HR peoples to manage their employee info, recruitment activities, managing trainings, online and offline leave management, tracking attendance, preparing payroll, maintaining uniforms, conducting performance management and development system, forecasting and management of HR budget, operate employee medical centre, self services option for every employees and mastering of the software by administrator functions. It is an auto updatable software which means whenever there is any new version, no need to uninstall old version and setup new one to every pc. There will be a common folder with sharing facilities. Update version will be kept in that folder and the version in the user pc will be automatically uninstall old one and setup new version then it will run.

Few significant benefits can be taken from HRIS

Integration of payroll system with the HRIS will help to reduce the repetitive works and give accurate information along with monitoring of changes in the payroll system;
o Online leave application system will help to reduce paper works also save cost;
o Medical bill can be keep within the associates medical bill limit as per policy. As all the drugs are issuing in the system and bills entering into the system. So it will be easy to track whether the bill is within the limit or not. It also help to tract expiry medicine for upcoming month so that proper action can be taken;
o Proper uniform management will help to reduce double issue/early issue and help to determine the accurate budget;
o Access to information through anywhere the organization. No need to come HR frequently which will help to reduce the loss of manhour;
o Online approval systems can help to monitor and track the HR functions

o Generation of various report through the system will reduce work being done in Excel program which will help to work more in less time;
o Training and Development system will help to identify training needs and plan accordingly;
o Duty Roster and Attendance system will help the organization to being punctual of its staffs and proper use of manhour;
o Self Service option will help to associate to access their information from anywhere within the organization. It also help them to be up-to-date with their information. Reduce phone call/come physically to HR for information;
o Administrator role will be assigned to HR Manager. HR Manager will determine the access level and user of HRIS. S/he can assign new access/stop access etc related to the system;
o HR can engage themselves with other employee relational activities by skipping these clerical jobs which can be done through software.

Software and hardware requirements:

  • Processor with speed : Intel Pentium Core i3/i5 Minimum 2 Ghz
  • Operating system : Windows 7 or higher
  • Database Engine : MS SQL Server 2008 R2
  • Reporting Engine : Crystal Reports
  • Microsoft.NET Version : 3.5 or higher
  • Prerequisites : Will be provided

Download source code:

download Information Desk System DFD


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