VB.NET Projects bundle

VB.NET Projects bundle

Here we shared VB.NET Projects bundle with Source code. All the projects are for study purpose and do not submit this for your college project. Some projects developed without database and some projects developed with database. Here you will find our visual basic .net projects series or only source code created for beginners and students to help them understand the basic of creating projects using vb.net.

All projects are free and for video tutorial visit our youtube channel . If you are new to visual basic .net programming language and you want to get more skills then this is the right place – VB.NET projects..

VB.NET Projects bundle

Download Link of VB.NET Projects bundle:

Goals of this project:-

The Visual Installer installation tool can be used to create an installation package for a VB.NET application (Visual Basic .NET application). Visual Installer can import a Visual Basic .NET project file (.VBPROJ file) or a Visual Basic solution file (.SLN file) and create an installer for it. All versions of VB.NET are supported; from the first Visual Basic 2002 (Visual Studio 2002) to the latest Visual Basic 2015 (Visual Studio 2015).

  • Give students / curious persons an example so they can learn from.
  • Give a full project series to build it on your own.
  • Helping people create their first project. 
  • Sharing knowledge with others.
  • This project is not for people who want to use it as their final year project.
  • Tools used :- vb.net programming languag and MSsql database

Download Complete VB.NET Projects bundle


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