Webcam in VB.NET

Webcam in VB.NET

Webcam in VB.NET – This project will explain how to make a webcam application in VB.NET. With the help of DirectShowLib.dll file, you can easily build a webcam image capture application in Visual Basic .NET (VB.NET). We can capture photo using DirectShowLib-2005.…
love calculator

Love Calculator

The main objective of the Funny Love Calculator project is to calculate the love percentage of couples within few seconds. It is the mini project is developed using PHP language. It don’t need any database to store the names calculated. It is…
VB.NET Projects bundle

VB.NET Projects bundle

Here we shared VB.NET Projects bundle with Source code. All the projects are for study purpose and do not submit this for your college project. Some projects developed without database and some projects developed with database. Here you will find our visual…
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