In the Online Food Ordering System customer can order the food items through online. Administrator is the main user of the website and he can deliver the food items ordered by customer. This project developed using PHP and MySQL. This is a Student Project developed by Mr. haxxorsid.

Websites like Swiggy, zomato, foodpanda, dominospizza become popular and it has online food order system. After ordering the food the delivery boy delivers food items to the customers place. This project works almost same like those website but all the features not implemented. We can add some more additional features in upcoming days. This project will give hints about how the food order system works and this can be considered as Mini Student Project.

Online Food Ordering System

About Online Food Ordering System project:

  • This project has two types of users . One is administrator and another is customer.
  • Customer can order food items through online. Customer can make payment through credit card or Cash on Delivery. After the payment the system generates receipt.
  • Administrator can login to the system and he can upload item records. Administrator can update delivered item records through online.
  • Admin can add food item records with cost, item name, etc.
  • If the customer has any queries then customer can send queries through Ticket. Admin or Customer can send reply to the ticket.
  • Name of the database is food and it has 5 tables.
  • The tables are: items, orders, order_details, tickets, ticket_details, users, wallet, wallet_details.

Programming Language:

  • Front End: PHP
  • Back End: MySQL

Video Demostration:

Default Login credentials of customer:
Login ID: user1
Password: customer1

Default Login credentials of Admin:
Login ID: root
Password: toor

Note: Create database food and import database food.sql. This database has some dummy records. Database configuration file is there in inclules directory. We have tested this project using XAMPP software.

Download Online Food Ordering System Project Source code:

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