Police Info System is a system in which all the paperwork of the station is maintained in a single system and it makes handling of records easier. Here we can maintain, add and retrieve all the records like criminal record, complaint record, most wanted criminal record, post mortem details, case history etc.. in a single database system.

Police Info System  is a software application handles data of criminals who are under the judicial surveillance or are under trial. This application will be most useful for searching of details of the criminals, FIR details, Most wanted criminals, complaint details, etc.

Purpose of the Project :

“Police Info System”  is a application covers complete Case Management System and this project will help them to manage all activities of the police station. In this application we can easily track all the complaint details, criminal details, FIR Details, Charge sheet records, Prisoner records, etc. and it is having some additional features to manage police records, payroll, attendance for police station.

Scope of the Project :

Automation of Police Station record including Complaints,FIRs, Chargesheets and Police Station Management System. The software product to be produced is a Police Info System which will automate the major Police information. The first subsystem is a Police Info System will keep track of employee’s payroll and attendance.  The second subsystem is the Tracking and managing Case Details. The third subsystem is Automated Tasks System which generates reports to tracks all Police department operations and allows modification of subsystem information. 

Since it will be used as offline project and the software has got user friendly screen dialogs for the mainainance of the database and the softare has been useful for large databases with more information.This system will reduce the manual operation required to maintain all   the records of Police deparment.

Police Info System

Modules of Police Info System

  • Master Module:
    • Admin settings
    • Users
    • Task Settings
    • Designation
  • Payroll Module:
    • Employees
    • Salary
    • Task Management
    • Attendance
    • Status
  • Crime Management
    • Complaint Registration
    • Criminal Registration
    • Post Mortem
    • FIR
    • Charge sheet
    • Court Details
    • Prisoner Register
    • Most wanted Criminals
  • Law and order
    • Station Activities
    • Complaint Records
    • Endorsement Sheet
  • Reports

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