The Insurance Office Management System project is to develop an automated system that keeps track of various insurance plan details with the standard communication system. This application is to maintain the records of the policy holders, policy details and staff details. This system automates the process of maintaining the policy holder and policy details. It also allows the super user i.e the LIC agent to store and manage the staff details.

This Insurance Office Management project will help the user to maintain the records of customers in an automated form rather than maintaining it in manual form.

The system provides two major screen pages. One is for super user and other is for the normal user or the staff. Before the staff uses the system he/she has to register him/herself by providing the necessary information along with the username and password which makes it possible to him/her to work in his/her home page and is common for all the staffs. The details entered in the register page are stored in the staff details module which is accessible only to the super user. It allows only super user to edit, view and delete the details of his staff in his home page. It allows both the super user and the staff of the office to work on other modules like policy holder info, premium payment, report, which helps in storing and retrieving the information of their customer and the details of the policy done by them.

Insurance Office Management System

Programming Language:

Insurance Office Management System is the user friendly software which is developed using as the front end and SQL Server as the back end.

Module Description:

The program consist of the following modules:

  • User Management: This module allows a user i.e a staff to login to the system if he is a valid user and a new staff can get registered to the system by providing his or her details.
  • Policy holder and Policy info: This module allows the user i.e the staff to store personal details of a policy holder and details of the plan which they have chosen and premium  of that policy.
  • Premium Payment: This module helps to update the due dates of the policy as and when the policy holder pays the premium amount and it also allows to update the policy status based on requirement.
  • Staff details: This module allows to store information about the staff of the LIC office which further is managed only by the super user.
  • Password Settings: This module allows the user to change his/her password settings.
  • Reports: This module contains various reports that should be sent to the policy holders to remind them about their premium payments ,due dates and receipts of premium payment and it also allows user to view details of the policy holders and their plolicies.

Database tables of Insurance Office Management System:

  1. Login table
  2. Staff table
  3. Personal table
  4. Plan details table

Source code Link:

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