Online trading is the process of buying or selling of the financial products through the online mode. The financial products include the stocks, bonds, mutual funds, currencies, currencies etc. In the usual process of online trading, there will be some middle person or the broker involved. The online trade purchase detail application will help in trading the financial products directly through the use of this application. The people who want to make money from the market can use this application with great ease. The user interface must be simple and easy to understand even by the common man. This application can help both the trader and the investor with great ease.

The investor will be able to sell or buy the financial products easily through this application. This will be one of the interesting applications that one can work on and implement in real time world. The investor can also get the confirmation statements or the investment statements with great ease through this application. This application can help in reducing the pen paper work that can be done easily through this application. The features that can be included in the online trading application are as follows:

  • Security: The information of the investors or the traders will be in safer hands since only the non-authorized users will be having access to the application.
  • Login: The investors or the traders need to login with the username and password.
  • Ease of access: This application will be easier to access since the user interface will be user friendly.
  • Status: The investors or the traders can see the status of their profile with great ease through this application.
  • Pen paper work: This application can help in reducing the pen paper work.
  • Speed: This application can help in the improvement of the speed of the transactions with great ease.

online trade employee purchase details

Online Trade Purchase detail

Programming Language : VB.Net

Download Online Trade Purchase detail :OnlineTrade

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