A hotel is a place where there will be numerous operations taking place. It includes the front office, HR, banquet, finance, inventory, material management, quality management, security, housekeeping, booking and reservation, security etc. It will be very difficult to maintain all the different parts of the hotel management system through the use of pen and paper which will be useful in maintaining the details regarding it. But in this case there is no security provided to the data. At all these situations, the hotel management system database project can be used which helps in maintain all these information just in one stretch.

Hotel Management System Database Project

This project defines scope of Hotel Management System (HMS), Development schedule, Development process, techniques, tools and platform with reasoning. HMS is the system that provides an easy management and maintenance of relevant activities regarding a hotel. It also maintains record of staff, order, inventory and stock management. It also deals with the financial management of HMS. It also provides the online room and table reservation.

There will be many operations taking place in the hotel and it requires many employees to take care of these organizations. Some hotels will be having the facility of the lodging services. So there will be many rooms available. These rooms will also belong to different categories. It can also be categorized based on the prices that each room will have. There should be employees who will have to manage the services that need to be provided to the customers. The rooms in the hotel can be booked online also. The payment can be done through the online mode as well as the cash payment. All the payment information can also be maintained in this database. There will also be food that the customer requires will be provided in the hotels.

The features that can be included in this application are as follows:

  • Customer database management: It can maintain the customers of the hotel. It can also help in providing discounts to the customer who have visited the hotel many number of times.
  • Room availability: The customers can check whether the rooms are available in the particular hotel of their wish.
  • Check in check out time: It will also help in maintaining the check in and checkout time of the customers.
  • Online room booking: The hotel management system application also helps the customers in booking the rooms through online mode.
  • Employee database management: The details of the employees and their salary related matter can also be stored in the database.


The hotel reservation system will provide service tocustomers and cancel existing reservation on hotel reservation on the hotel web. Administrator can add, update and delete thehotel  and  room  information  approved/disapproved  a  new employee  account  applicant  and  generate  a  monthly  occupancy   rate  report  for  each  hotel.

Purpose of software:

The development of this system contains the following activities:

  1. This system maintains user’s personal information, address and guest information.
  2. This system makes  the  overall  project  management much easier and  flexible  various  classes  have  been  used  for  maintaining  the  detail  of  all users  and guests.
  3. Authentication is provided for this application. Only access registered user can access.
  4. This system  is  providing  more  memory  for  the  user  to  maintain  data  in database.

Number of module:

The  system  after  careful  analysis  has  been  identified  to  be  presented  with  the  following  modules..

  1. Hotel information
  2. Identical information
  3. Rate information

Download Hotel Management System Database Project Visual basic 6.0 Source code:

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