Art gallery is the place where the arts or art crafts of the artists can be displayed for the visitors view. People also comment on the arts that artist’s exhibit so that there will be some scope of improvement of the arts that is displayed. Sometimes it will be difficult to maintain the details of the artists and their paintings details through the pen paper method. The art gallery management is the application that allows the art gallery owners to maintain the details of the artists and the details of their paintings with great ease. This will be one of the useful applications for the owners of the art gallery which will reduce most of their work.

Art Gallery Management System

The artists can have their pencil sketches, glass paintings, oil paintings and many other forms of paintings that can be displayed in art gallery. Some of the art galleries will be having the paintings of some years ago. But at some point of time if the artists details is required, then you can get it easily if this application is used by the owner of the art gallery. Details of any artists and details of their paintings can be obtained with ease in just one mouse click. Some of the features that it can include in this online art gallery system are:

  • Artists and paintings database management: The details of the artists like name, address, paintings, contact can be stored easily through this application.
  • Comments: The comments that are given by the customers can also be stored through this application.
  • Paintings can be sold: The details of the paintings that are sold on each day can be stored easily through this application
  • Sales details: The details of the sales that has taken place on a particular day can be obtained in just one mouse click through this application.

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    October 25, 2019 - 6:03 PM

    I want Applications of art gallery

    • Student Project Guide

      October 27, 2019 - 1:00 AM

      Kindly provide us requirements.

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