Android is one of the fastest growing fields in the market today. Every day one or the other applications are being introduced into the market. It is gaining a lot of importance. The pocket money manager is an android application that will help a person in managing the daily expenses and income with great ease. A person will not know how much he has spent as daily expenses. If there is an application that will allow the user to maintain the record of such expenses then why not use it? The applications that are used in android phone are user friendly, flexible, durable and available at reasonable cost with great ease.

Pocket Money Manager

In olden days people were maintaining the daily monthly, weekly or yearly expenses through the pen paper method. But nowadays people will not have patience to record the expenses through such pen paper work. But people will be having an android phone always in their pocket. They love to use a lot of trending android applications. At this time this pocket money manager application will help in maintaining the daily, monthly, weekly or yearly expenses without any difficulty. The features that can be included in the pocket money manager application are as follows:

  • Maintain records: This application will allow a person to maintain the daily, monthly, weekly or yearly expenses with great ease.
  • Category: This application can also provide the user with the category of expense.
  • Other information: This application can also provide the facilities like user can capture photo, add GPS location, enter comment, select amount of expense etc.
  • Graph: This application can also provide the facility of giving the graph of daily, weekly, monthly or yearly expenses.
  • Expense management: This application will allow in managing the expenses with great ease through this application with great ease.

Project Category: Mobile application

Hardware & Software requirements:

  • Eclipse integrated Development Environment (IDE)
  • Android Software Development Toolkit (SDK)
  • Android Development Tools(ADT)

Software requirements

  • Java 1.6 runtime
  • integrated development Toolkit
  • Android Development Tools (ADT) plug in for Eclipse
  • Android Emulator
  • Technology: j2me

Download source code:

download source code

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