The main purpose of Employee Payroll System for Bank is to reduce the manual operation required to maintain all the records of Employees and also generates the various reports for analysis. This will perform monthly salary generation, Attendance, leave sanctions of the employees and to perform search regarding various categories within less time. This project is developed using VB.NET programming language and SQL database used to store record.

Employee Payroll System for Bank

The Employee Payroll System for Bank software application is used by 2 types of user’s i.e. Admin and Staff. Admin has full Access to the software whereas Staff has limited Access. Software starts with a login form where Admin can login by entering the username and corresponding password. If the user name and password matches then ADMIN is directed to the Admin Master page and Employees will be directed to User Master Page.

Modules of Employee Payroll System for Bank

  • Staff: – In this module, Admin enters the staff details like his personal information as well as his salary information like ta, da, etc. Admin also can update and delete the staff details.
  • Salary: – Admin will set the salary details like da, hra, cca, spf etc for the corresponding year and which will reflect for all the staffs. Admin will generate the salary of all staffs together in a month. Admin also can update, delete the Salary details.
  • Leaves:-Staffs can apply for leaves which will be sanctioned by the Admin. Staff can view the status of leaves whether it is sanctioned or not. Leaves also effects the Salary of Staff.
  • Attendance: Staffs need to put Attendance Everyday which will calculate the working days of the staff in a month. Attendance also affects the Salary of staff. Admin can view Attendance of all the Staffs whereas Staff could view his own attendance.
  • Reports:-Admin can generate salary slip of individual Staff as well as Monthly Salary Report of all the Staffs can be generated.
  • Settings: – In this module Admin provides login details for Staff. Admin can also change the password. Admin views the login details of Staff and also generates details of government holidays.

Programming Language:

Expected Result:

Employee Payroll System software helps in easy maintenance of Salary generation of Staff in Bank. It guarantees accurate maintenance of Staff details. It eases the Import and Export procedures of the Bank. It easily reduces the book keeping task and thus reduces the human effort and increases accuracy speed.

What contribution would the project make?

Since we are entering details of the employees electronically, data will be secured and processing information will be faster. Thus it reduces human effort and it saves time. Using this application salary calculation can be done automatically according to employee’s working days. This software is designed such a way that if the employee has taken leave then money will be deducted from his salary. So its saves lot of human work.

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