The customer relation management system is an application that will allow the user to maintain the details of the customers who carry out business with the company. It will help in handling the customer relationship with great ease through this application. All the necessary details are kept safely in the database. There is security given to the data that is stored in the database. This application will help in reducing a lot of pen paper work that is done through the existing system. This system is user friendly and easy to use.

Customer Relation Management System

The employees need to go to the lead office and carry out the business by collecting the lead information. The features that can be included in the customer relationship application are as follows:

  • Login registration: The admin has the authority to add the users that he wants in order to access the application.
  • Password change: This module will allow the user to change the password that is required if they forget it.
  • Login history: The login and the logout time of the customers can be seen only by the admin.
  • Employee masters: This module will allow the user to add the details like name, address, basic salary etc with great ease through this module.
  • Customer master: This module will contain the details related to the customers who are already in contact with the company.
  • Lead master: Leads are the ones with whom the company carries out business. They are just like customers.
  • Assign task: The employees are assigned the task of collecting the information of the leads with whom the business is carried on.
  • Business opportunity: The business opportunity got by the employee is entered through this module.
  • Report: The report related to the payment of the customer is calculated through this module.
  • Logout: The users can logout of the application through this module.

Modules of the software:

  • Account Configuration:
  • Login registration: Admin has more authority than any other users. He can choose any user to use the software and the modules he select, can only be viewed and used by that particular employee. Admin provides username and password to employee for login purpose.
  • Password change: The user can change the password by entering his first password if necessary.
  • Login History: The software keeps track of the login history. This can be viewed only by the admin. It provides the employees login time and logout time. Through this the admin comes to who has worked how much.
  • Employee Masters: Employee master is included where the user can enter his name, address, contact and his basic salary. The user can add, delete or modify the existing details.
  • Customer Master: This includes the customers who have already in contact with the company and are on with company business. The user can add, delete or modify the existing details.
  • Lead Master: Leads are same like customers with business opportunity where the company wants to do business with them. Their complete information is noted down in the automated system. The user can add, delete or modify the existing details. This also includes the name of the person from the lead information was available.
  • Assign task: Now the user/admin enters the name of the employee and assigns lead to collect information and to carry on business. When the employee logs in, he can view the entire assigned task and the deadline.
  • Business Opportunity: According to it, the employee visits the lead office. If he gets any business, it will be entered in this system. Finally the user can estimate how much business each employee has got.
  • Report: At the end of the month report is generated to calculate the payment of each customer who arrived and purchased the apartment in that particular month.
  • Logout: This module allows the user to Logout the application. Further operations cannot be performed after user exits.


  • Language: Microsoft Visual Studio 2008
  • Database: Microsoft SQL server 2008

Download source code:

 download source code


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