As the name suggests, the online furniture store is an application that will allow the users to purchase the furniture through the online mode. The sale of the furnitures takes place through the online mode. The owners of the furniture shop can use this application to maintain the sales and stock details with great ease. This will help in providing an automated system for managing the sales and stock details of the shop. The customers will be provided with the opportunity of purchasing the furnitures without visiting the shop. It will help in saving lot of time, money effort, fuel etc.

Online Furniture store

The admin will be able to administer all the activities that take place through this application. The user interface must be simple and easy to understand even by the common man. This will be one of the applications that one can work on and implement in real time world with great ease. All the details of the users will be stored in the database safely without any issue. This will provide an automated system for storing the details. The modules included in the online furniture store application are as follows:

  • Products module: This module deals with the posted products that is the furniture through this application.
  • Purchase module: This module deals with the furnitures that are being purchased by the customers.
  • Master module: This module will be used by the admin to administer the activities taking place through the website.
  • User module: This module will store all the details related to the customers like name, address, items purchased, delivered items etc with great ease.
  • Login module: This module will allow the users to login to the application through the use of unique username and password without any issue.
  • Registration module: The user can register into the application through the use of this module.

Download source code (Core PHP):

download source code

Download source code (Laravel):

download source code

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