The hostel management system is the system that manages the details of the students staying in the hostel, admission details, staffs details, visitor’s messages and the receipt of the fees paid by the students. It will be one of the important projects that will simplify the work of the institutions in getting the seats booked in the hostels with great ease. Hostels are the part of the institutions which will help the students to stay here who are coming from far places. It will help the students in getting the seats in the hostels without any difficulty and will also help in maintaining transparency. It will help in simplifying life of everyone to acquire seats with great ease. The interface must be simple and easy to understand.

Hostel Management System Project Modules

The modules that can be included in the hostel management system are as follows:

  • Users: This module will help in creating the new users with the login credentials.
  • Change password: This module will help in changing the password of the user.
  • Forget password: This module will help in resetting the password of the account of the user.
  • Registration: This module will help in maintaining the details like academic information, personal information, room details etc.
  • Room details: This module will help the user to add the room details and update the status of the rooms like whether it is vacant or occupied.
  • Fees: This module will help to add the fees of the students and also allow to update or delete the fees entered.
  • Visitors: This module will add the visitors details.
  • Employees: This module will add the employee details. It can also be updated or deleted.
  • Status: The status of the rooms and the students will be updated through this module.
  • Reports: This module will help in generating the students and the visitors reports.

Hostel Management System Project Modules

 Users:-This help the administrator that he/she only crates new user by providing login details.

Change password:-Allows the user to change the password

Forget Password:-On entering the correct userid and hint answer, User will be able to regain his password.

Registration:-Allows to add the details of students regarding personal information, Academic Information, room details etc.Student details can also be modified and deleted.

Room Details:-Allows the user to add details of rooms. Also possible to view the status of rooms such as occupied,vacant. Room details can also be modified and deleted.

Fees:-Allows to enter the Fees details of the student. Student Fees details can also be modified and deleted.

Visitors:-Allows to add the visitors details. Also able to view the visitors depending on various search criteria.

Employee:-Allows to add the details of Employees .Employee Details could be modified and deleted. Viewing the Employees as well as searching also could be done.

Status:-Displays the details of the students staying in rooms. Depending on the room number Student details will be displayed.

Reports:-Student Report and visitors report could be generated.

Download Project Code:

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  • Meghana

    November 29, 2019 - 10:43 PM

    Can give a demo of the project means what is the visitor I’d and password and employees must be there in it

    • Student Project Guide

      November 30, 2019 - 12:54 PM

      That you can create in the database

  • Meghana

    November 30, 2019 - 5:25 PM

    thank you for the reply and you have specifing to take the values for the vistor id and password which is there in the database only and what about for new vistors and for new employees

  • Meghana

    November 30, 2019 - 10:06 PM

    In visitor log-in what is the user name and passwords as it’s poping a msg such as failed to login in both employee log-in also

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