The student attendance tracking and result analysis system is a simple-to-use web application which assists teacher in their daily administration, reporting and following up tasks. It assists the college in the following options: Attendance tracking System and Result analysis system.


  • The manual system is inefficient and inconsistent.
  • Existing system is not automated.

AIM OF Student attendance tracking and result analysis system Synopsis

  • Teaches can choose to view the information for a particular range of student, class, level and stream.
  • Attendance tracking System is developed, keeping in mind the requirements about day-to-day handling of attendance of the students by the faculties in the colleges. By using Attendance analysis system, a lecturer can keep track of attendance of every student, analyze it and finally build a Microsoft Word based report.
  • Alert teachers on attendance details and marks list not uploaded.
  • Authority can enter the result accordingly depend on course/semester covered for an individual student. Once the entry is done by authority it can produce the final result with a single click.
  • Automatically sends SMS to parents or guardian


  • Front End                  :           PHP
  • Back End                   :           MySQL Server
  • IDE                              :           Adobe DreamweaverCS 6.0
  • Operating System    :           Windows-7


The definition and maintenance of the database is done through the MySQL Server.

Download Student attendance tracking and result analysis system Synopsis


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