Here in this post we shared Catering Management System Synopsis. This website which maintains the accounts which includes the Bills, Receipts, Expenditures, Monthly sales and Customer information like Customer registration, Customer orders/cancellation, feedbacks as well as Events, Menus and Reports.

Catering Management System Synopsis

This Web application is also used:-

  • Accounts are maintained.
  • To generate the quick reports.
  • To make accuracy and efficient calculations.
  • To provide proper information briefly.
  • To provide data security.
  • To provide huge maintenance of records.

Languages used:

  • Front End: PHP
  • Back End: MySQL

This application contains two types of users.

  1. Admin
  2. Common Users

MODULE DESCRIPTION OF Catering Management System:

  • Events: This module includes description regarding the events for which the catering services are provided.
  • Menus: This module provides details of available food items along with the description, quantity, and price. There are different kinds of food category. Each category contains list of food items. Users will be able to view and select the menus.
  • Customer Registration: To place an order customer has to register to the website. Which includes customer personal details, contact details etc. On registration customer account is created.
  • Customer Order: This module allows the user to place an order for the respective event. Orders must be made 7 days in advance. Once the order is placed user will be able to view the quotations of the respective order. Once the admin confirms the order, user has to make an advance payment before the due date i.e. 3 days prior to the delivery date, order will be processed else it will be cancelled. In case of cancellation by the user, user has to cancel the order before the due date. If the user cancels the order after the due date he/she has to make 30% of the total payment. Admin has the rights to reject the order.
  • Customer feedback: This module allows the customer to give any suggestions, complaints, requirements. Depending on the feedback administrator will be able to reply to the customer.
  • Expenditure : This module includes the expenditure details of the company. Which consist of miscellaneous etc.
  • Bills: For every customer order bill will be generated. This includes total amount of the food, delivery charge, tax etc.
  • Receipts: This module includes the payment details of the customer. It also includes the advance payments hence the outstanding amount will be known.
  •  Sales : Here the customer order reports are generated. This also helps in calculating the monthly/yearly income of the company by retrieving the expenditures and sales.  

Download Catering Management System Synopsis


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