In this page we shared SRS Employee Payroll And Task Management System. An employee is a very important part of the any organizations. Without the employees, there would not be any proper functioning of the organization.  The SRS employee payroll and task management system is an application will give the SRS of the employee payroll and task management system. In order to manage all the transactions and the employee information in a sorted manner this application can be of great help. The attendance, salary and the payroll of the employees in the organization should be kept in track by the authorities in charge of it. A payroll refers to the total money or the salary that the company gives to the employees of the organization after some deductions. Also the details or records can be updated, added or deleted with the help of his application with great ease. It will reduce the manual effort that is involved in this process.

SRS of Employee payroll and Task Management System

This will be one of the applications which will help to keep track of the records of the employees just in one click. The user interface must be simple and easy to understand. The database must be strong enough to maintain all the details of the employees of the organization. The information of the employees will be safe since only the authorized users will be having access to it. The modules that can be included in this application are as follows:

  • Employee attendance module: This module will help in maintaining the attendance of the employees present in the organization with great ease.
  • Payroll accounting module: The information related to the payroll or the salary information can be maintained through this module.
  • Task management module: The tasks that are assigned to the employees in the organization can be managed easily through this module.
  • Salary calculations module: The salary of the employee will be calculated taking into consideration the various factors through this module.

Programming Language:

Front-end: PHP 5.3

Back-end:MySQL Server 5.3.1

Download complete SRS:

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