Jewellery Shop Management System is the inventory software application developed using Visual basic 6.0 and all the transaction record stores in Microsoft Access Database. Jewellery shops can use this software to their day to day transaction. This system has features of Jewel types, Jewelry records module, purchase inventory, sales inventory, Cash In, Cash out, etc. The system is very neatly designed and it generates customized report. Here we shared detailed description of the project with complete source code.

Jewellery Shop Management System

Project title: Jewellery Shop Management System or Jewelry management software

Front End: Visual Basic 6.0

Back End: Microsoft Access Driver (MDB)

The main menus of this software is :

  • Utilities menu
  • Transaction menu
  • Report menu
  • Help menu

The utilities module has 7 sub modules. It contains settings and basic modules. All the sub modules of utilities module explained here.

  • Customer module: Customer database is backbone of the company. Storing customer record is very important now a days because without customer database its very difficult to run any kind of business. The employees can add customers by entering their profile details. Once the customer added those detail stores permanently in the database. Before customer purchase detail the employees need to add customers profile.
    customer module
  • Supplier module: The suppliers are the supply jewels to the company. In the jewellery shop there are many suppliers who sell different variety of jewels. This module is required to store all the supplier records.
  • Jewellery types module: The Jewellery types is the master module. In this User can add different categories, units, types, division with type and description.
  • Jewellery module: This module stores different jewellery details with description. If the description has details like stone, pearl, gms, carat, purity these details can store in the remark area. In this module user can set unit price of the jewels. While generating bill the system calculates unit price automatically.
    product item
  • Employee module: This employee module allows admin to add new employees. This module allows to stores all the employees record who is working for Jewellery company. Even employees photo can upload in this module.
    employee information
  • Change Password: This module allows software users to change the password. If anyone forgets password admin can reset their password by entering Old Password, new password and Confirmation of New password.
    backup database
  • Backup database: The system stores database backup in the Microsoft access(MDB) format. If user clicks on backup database the system will ask the storage path to store the database.
    backup database

The transaction module is the main features of the website. The transaction menu has four sub modules which is explained below.

  • Purchase module: The company is purchasing Jewellery items from seller. This module stores all the purchase records with purchase quantity and purchase price. User should enter purchased item, seller details, purchse code, purchase date, etc. This module stores multiple jewel item purchase details together. The system calculates grand total automatically.
    purchase module
  • Sales module: This module stores sales record by entering Order number , purchase date, customer details, Jewellery item details, etc. The system generates bill after the sale.
    sales module
  • Cash In module: Cash In module stores received amount details.
  • Cash out module: Cashout module stores paid amount details.

The Reports module will display various kinds of reports. This will display purchase report, Sales report, Cash In report, Cash out and Cash flow report. User needs to enter start date and end date to generate report. The system displays total sales and detailed report. User can take print out of generated report.

The help module  which shows developers information.

Database table: The Jewellery Management System has 16 tables. cmj.mdb is the database name. The database has following tables.

  • CashIn
  • CashOut
  • CashOutCategory
  • Customer
  • Category
  • Division
  • Employee
  • Password
  • Product
  • Purchase
  • Purchase_container
  • Sales
  • SalesContainer
  • Supplier
  • Type
  • Unit

Video Preview:

Note: This is 100% working project. You need to install Visual basic 6.0 and Microsoft Access Driver(MDB) to run this project. The password table has default login password.

Source: planet source code

Do you need help? If you need any further clarifications regarding this project kindly post your queries in the comment box. We will try to solve all your queries in 2-3 working days.

Download source code:

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  • herosh

    May 8, 2020 - 12:16 PM

    how to connect the database

    • Student Project Guide

      May 8, 2020 - 1:34 PM

      Kindly check in the module

  • herosh

    July 17, 2020 - 8:48 PM

    how to connect the database

    • Student Project Guide

      July 18, 2020 - 1:01 AM

      Kindly check in the module

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