The Project Management Dashboard is developed to maintain the client side details in the same collection. Project Management developed by office365. So lots of Out-of-Box tools are used. The Project itself is to maintain the Outcomes, drawbacks, reports, etc. The “Project Management Dashboard” is a Portal. Portal is of two types Vertical and Horizontal portals. The vertical portal gives just a brief and wide range of enlightenment. The Horizontal portal gives the complete enlightenment about a particular product.

Project Management Dashboard

Project details:

This portal is used to keep all the enlightenment regarding various client’s projects. And also keep track the bottleneck (Hardware and software) required to develop the project. SharePoint uses its own internal lists and libraries to keep the enlightenment. By SharePoint designer we will create/edit the pages, page layout. The SharePoint will have many build-in apps, templates, etc., we can exploit it or we can create by own using standard format how we required.

The Details are storied in the cloud. The Acquiescence and Esotericare done or managed by the Microsoft. Because Office365 is the Microsoft product. The Project Management Dashboard records all the Outcomes or future position to be attained i.e., Benchmark contents. The Details are stored from starting meeting till the contract ends. When contract ends the data are not deleted. Just the data are moved from active state to the in active state or archiving the contents. So that the storage or data processing from cloud will be speed.

The Portal will have Dashboard site, under that every project details are having separate sub site. Those subsite can have any numbers have subsite.

Software Requirement:

  • Front End                    : Office365
  • Back End                    : List and Libraries
  • Operating System       : Windows, UNIX, Fedora
  • Development Language: .asp, Html

Project modules: The modules of the Project Management Dashboard are:

  • Template Creation: The “Project Management” system considered mainly based on the Reusability of code and process should avoid duplications. The template of site is been created. Based on that template ‘n’ can be created. So that structure and list are implemented.
  • Reports module is used for bugs. The bugs are divided into 2 types.
    • Active: The bugs which are active i.e., which is not resolved are placed under the Active Bugs field.
    • Closed: The Bugs which are solved are kept under closed bugs. Those bugs which are not solved and due date is expired are kept under the Closed Bugs.
  • Milestone: The Dashboard project has Milestone module. The Milestone which manages the process of project completed or not. Along with that it holds the details whether the financial aspects are attained or not.
  • Benchmark: This module, which stores the Hardware and software requirement. Along with it the future outcomes are also been specified in this module. The Future deadline of the task or the projects are managed by this module.
  • Retrieving Data from Sub site: The Sub site are in n numbers the Details of those sub site are been fetched and displayed in the main site. Those retrieving the data is main task in this project. The details are fetched by the project detail list. The Start date, End date, Project Wealth are been fetched and displayed.
  • Project Summary: The Project Summary will be used by the task app. This app will store the daily based work analysis with the respected developer or tester or Team Lead. Project Summary apps will be in daily calendar format, Monthly calendar format or weekly calendar format. The Data are represented in the timeline of the calendar.
  • Site Feed: The site Feed module is used for chatting with the different team members. So that it does not requires the additional app or chatting applications to make conversation with the team members. The Site Feed app will be present in the social site content in the SharePoint. The site Feed will be added under the Web part. So that for successful process we should add the site feed on the Web parts.
  • Project Health: The Project health module will store the percentage of work completed in numeric way.SoThat numeric data will be present in Knob circle way. The details are fetched from the project details list.
  • Weather: The weather module will be maintained in Dashboard project. Weather will be fetched from the client side. And displayed in the sub site. So that it will be help full for meeting with the client.

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