Education Zone – (An app for parent teacher interaction), there is a need to fill the gap between the parents and teachers by designing an android application to provide timely and critical student information to the parents. It is a standalone application that can be installed in various institutions like schools, colleges etc. There are three kinds of users who will be using this application HOD, admin and parents. Each of them got to log in to the application to access the internal system. Parents will be using the application using the smart phone. College staff will get an interface to add the student’s attendance and fees structure. HOD and staff members can post any notifications on the system which then gets visible to the parents. An option to the parents to directly interact with the HOD is provided basically on internet chat.

Staff member has an option under their panel to enter the fees details about each and every student and also enter the attendance records so that parents can view their individual data. Staff members can push on the notification to their students. HOD will create ID for staff member once he login to the application. Even HOD has the right to forward any notification or notice to students or parents.

Education Zone

We have seen over the years that the process of notice boards, important notifications about academics have been carried out manually almost across all educational institutions. The process is not only time consuming but also inefficient. This traditional system requires a manual work of writing notifications, taking printouts, displaying it on the notice boards and also requires students to watch periodically. It needs a lot of paper work. Today we need not to maintain paper based notice boards.

Android powers hundreds of mobile devices in more than 190 countries around the world. It’s largest installed base of any mobile platform and growing fast. Every day another million users power up their android devices for the first time and start looking for apps, games and other digital content. Android gives you a world class platform for creating apps and games for the android users everywhere, as well as an open market for distributing to them instantly. Android gives you access to the latest technologies and innovations across multitude of device form-factors, chipset architecture and price-points.

In the proposed system, the teacher can update the attendance, result and other school activity on the app so that the parent and teacher can access them. Real time chat option should also be available.  There should be separate login for HOD, parent and teacher. There is also an admin login through which the admin can customize the app like changing their logo, school name etc. With the help of this application, parents are able to access all the details of the ward. All the data are stored on the real time Firebase server managed by the college administrators and ensures highest possible level of security. The system features a complex logging system to track all the parents access and ensure conformity to data access in order to reduce manual work by visiting the college personally which will help the parents to save time from their busy schedule.

All educational institutions require notice board to display any information regarding the college activities. The sizes of the notice boards are small due to this only important notifications are placed there. The notice boards are distributed among different departments of college therefore it is not possible for a student to visit each department for getting updated information about the notifications, events.

Application of the problem

  • Provides online interface for the faculty and the parents.
  • Increase the efficiency of college record management.
  • Reduces time required to deliver notices.

SMS based student information system for schools and colleges provide timely and critical student information to the parent. This application allows the parent/caregivers to send an SMS to the predefined number from an already registered mobile number for the required information. Upon receiving the SMS request, the application automatically queries the database for the required student information based on the mobile from which the request has come from and sends back the reply SMS with the required information.


In recent years the android technology with web services has brought drastic change in the mobile development field. The creation and management of accurate, up-to-date information regarding a student’s academic career is crucial for the colleges. Nowadays information to the parents regarding their wards is provided through the post cards, SMS or email but these techniques are very time consuming and lengthy. Previously teachers used to depend on the website of the classroom to keep in touch of the parents of their students about what was going on in the class. Hence this application provides a solution through a simple interface for maintenance of student information and also helps parents to get detailed information regarding their ward such as fees due, attendance, marks, important notice, event details etc. It also contains query message option so that the parents can interact with the college faculty through this application. It also facilitates parents to gain all the notifications about the activities held in the college. Each individual parent will be provided with the details of his/her ward only.


In any educational system notices, important notifications, information about any event etc are displayed on the notice board. In this manual system student didn’t get any vital information regarding their academics or any notifications regarding events on timely manner. The sizes of the notice board are small due to this only important notifications are placed there. The notice boards are distributed among different departments of college therefore it is not possible for a student to visit each department for getting updated information about the notifications, events.

Software requirements

  • Frontend :               Android(Java)
  • Backend :               Firebase
  • Operating system :               Android 4.0 and above
  • Software :               Android studio

This application is automating the existing manual system. This is a paperless work and it reduces the man power. It will always provide accurate information. All years together gathered information can be saved and accessed using application at any time. This system is essential in college. The entire administrator, HOD, parents, faculty can get the required information without delay. As this application is only made for the general purpose it can be generalize to big scale such as use in colleges, university and even in distance education can be benefitted from this application as this app can provide all information according to the ward without direct contacting the staff. Features like video calls between the staff and the parents can also be added to this application. In future we can also add the features like paying the fees of the ward.


  • Admin login

Admin will create the login ID for each HOD of different departments and he can also customize the page like changing logo, posting notifications etc.

  • College staff registration and login

This module will consist of the registration of the college user. Registration of college staff and student parents will be done by HOD.  Only HOD will be able to create the staff and the parent’s login. Staff members can login with the login credentials that have been given to them.

  • Staff login and create student database

Staff member will login and create the user under in each class and feed in their data. Data will be saved in the database as per their entry.

Download Source code:

download project report


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