Web Enabled Estate Agent Abstract: As the name suggests, real estate is the business that are done by the people dealing with properties. Real estate is one of the trending fields in today’s world. Property is one of the essential factors that each and everyone want to own. The property may refer to the building that might have the office or the houses. It can be also given for rent or lease or kept for sale. People in today’s world will not be patient enough to go searching for properties. They prefer modern way of getting a good property. It can be achieved through the use of web enabled estate agent application. This application can help in searching for the right property with great ease.

Web Enabled Estate Agent Abstract

Functional components of the project:

There are registered people in the system. They are real estate agents. Registered real estate agents can create/modify property portfolios. Non-registered people can also use the system to search the desired property.

  1. A registered person should be able to
    • Login to the system through the first page of the application
    • Change the password after logging into the system
    • See his/her property portfolios
    • Create new property portfolio
    • Modify an existing property portfolio.
  2. A property portfolio contains details about the property like description of property, area, to be sold or to be rented, approximate price, name and details of the person to be contacted.
  3. Details in property portfolio are editable except property id.
  4. A new realtor should be able to register himself.
  5. When a new property portfolio is created, it will be assigned a unique property id. System will generate this id.
  6. System should not let unauthorized/non-registered persons to create/modify property portfolios.
  7. Another realtors cannot modify property portfolio created by a realtor.
  8. A prospective buyer should be able to search for the property. S/He can enter search criteria like area name, price range, sell purchase/rent etc.
Advantages of the system:
  • Fully accessible software system wherever you are, as long as you have an internet connection you can manage and operate your business from anywhere in the world
  • Accessible from any device – Smartphones, Tablets, Desktop PCs
  • Secure data – never again will you have to worry about the security of your data as your cloud based system will be fully backup up instantly.

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