The online help desk abstract is an application that designed for the campus purpose. This is an intranet application that can be accessed anywhere in the campus. As the name suggest help desk is the facility that will be provided in the college whish can help in resolving the pertaining issues in the campus. Through the use of this application service requests can be raised and the solution to those requests can be provided with great ease. This will be one of the interesting applications to work in real time world with great ease and without any difficulty.

Online Help Desk Abstract

Functional components of the project

There will be three users for this application. The end users, facility heads and the assignee’s. The end users will raise a service request that they need to the respective facility heads. The facility heads will receive the email notifications and will assign the work to the respective person in-charge so that the request is fulfilled. Once the request is completed then the email notification will be sent to the end users as to the service request has been fulfilled.

The features that can be included in this application are as follows:

  • Login: This application can help in logging to the application with great ease.
  • Change password: This application can also allow the users to change the password with great ease and without any difficulty.
  • Status of the requests: The end users will be able to see the status of the service request with great ease.
  • List of requests: The users will be able to see the status of the service requests with great ease.
  • Email notification: This application will send the email notifications to the end users and the facility heads with great ease.
  • Reports: This application can also help in generating the reports related to the service requests.

Download Online Help Desk Abstract

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