This project is used to book VIP pass through online. This is the mini project developed by Abhijeet muneshwar. VIP Pass Online project is used to book event Pass, Stage booking pass, Ticket booking pass, Backstage Pass or other exclusive pass options. This project has features of booking and cancellation of VIP pass. Booking can be done anyone but to cancel the pass the VIP guest needs to enter login id and password. This is the application developed using PHP and all the database stores in MySQL database server.

Main page to select booking date or Cancel ticket:vip pass

VIP Pass booking Panel:vip pass online

Modules of the project:

  • VIP Ticket Booking module
  • VIP profile entry module
  • VIP pass cancellation module

Database tables:

  • register
  • seat

Programming Language:

  • Front End : PHP
  • Back End : MySQL Server

Steps to Install the project:

    1. Copy VIP Pass Online folder in XAMPP/htdocs or WAMPP/www folder.
    2. In the mysql create database with name book.
    3. Import database database\book.sql from project folder.
    4. Change database configuration in db_login.php.
    5. Run the project – http://localhost/VIP Pass Online

Video Demo:

Download project source code:

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