Stadium is the place where the people get together to watch the matches of cricket, football, hockey and many more. But to watch these matches one need to book a seat for that matter. To get a seat in the stadium to watch the matches sometimes it will be a difficult job. Most of you might have experienced it! But what if the seats in the stadium can be booked through the online method. Yes it is possible. The Stadium Ticket Booking System will help in booking the tickets of the matches through the online mode. The people can get the tickets through the online mode at ease.

Stadium Ticket Booking System

Stadium Ticket Booking System

The features that can be included in the stadium seat booking system are as follows:

  • Number of seats: The details related to the seat in the stadium must be mentioned properly.
  • Seat availability: The people will be to check the availability of the seats in the stadium for a particular match just at one click.
  • Price: The cost of the seat per person must be mentioned properly without any confusion.
  • Update of different matches: The details of the upcoming matches should be also present in the application which will provide the exact date of the match.
  • Stadiums: The matches that take place in different stadiums must be mentioned properly and should be updated on regular basis.
  • Category: The seats in the stadium can be categorized based on the regions, countries and so on.

The user interface must be simple and easy to understand. The application must have a strong database since the application must contain the details of the matches that take place in the stadium in various places in and around the world. It will help the people and also the authorities of the stadium to get the tickets at ease.

Front End: PHP

Back End : MySQL

Download Source code:

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