PHP based Restaurant Table Ordering System : With the improve in technology, the life is becoming easier and smarter. People are using the applications that will solve their problems within some time. Restaurant is the place where the people come together to have the food of their choice. It would be very interesting to develop an application where the people can order the tables in a particular restaurant on a particular day. Isn’t it? Yes it is possible to develop an application that will maintain all these details. It can also help to know about the smooth running of the restaurant.

Restaurant Table Ordering System in PHP

The features that can be included in the restaurant table ordering system are as follows:

  • Number of tables: The details of the number of tables present in the restaurant. The proper seating arrangement can be shown in this application so that customers can order that particular table.
  • Services offered: The services that the employee needs to offer to the particular table can also mentioned through this application.
  • Category: The customers can book the table based on the category like the restaurant, area, region and so on.
  • Restaurant database system: The details of the restaurants that are present on the particular area or the region can be mentioned through this application.

This project will help in managing the day to day activities of the restaurant easily. Sometimes people plan for surprise lunch or the dinner, at this situation this application can be of great help. It can help you to get the table booked in the particular restaurant of your choice. So the online booking of the tables in the restaurant can help one in fulfilling the surprises of the people. This will be one of the interesting projects that one can work on and help in smooth functioning of the restaurant and reduce the manual work involved.

PHP based Restaurant Table Ordering System

Programming Language:

  • Front End: PHP
  • Back End: MySQL Server

Download Project Source code with System Design:


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