Intranet is the private network that can be only accessed by the staffs of the particular organization. It cannot be accessed by the public. It can be regarded as a simplest version of internet. Intranet management system will help in the increase of productivity of the organization by using the tools like project management, customer relationship management etc. The employees of the organization can discuss the key issues that are there in the organization in an intranet forum application without any issue through this intranet management system application. This will be one of the interesting applications that one can work on and implement in real time world.

The intranet management system is an application that will allow the administrator to manage the network related issues. It will allow detecting and diagnosing the problems with great ease through the use of this application. The user interface must be simple and easy to understand.  This application can allow the administrator in detecting the problems in the network with great ease. This application can help the software companies in managing the network related settings with great ease.  This will be one of the applications that the final year students can work and implement in real time world. The features that can be included in the intranet management system application are as follows:

  • Login: This application needs the login with the username and password after registration.
  • Ease of access: This application will allow the user to access the application with great ease.
  • Resources: The internal and the external resources can be accessed with great ease through the intranet management system application.
  • Issues: The key issues that are prevailing in the organization can be solved through the use of this application with great ease.
  • Security: The information stored in this application will be in safer hands.


Project Name: Intranet Management System

Front End: PHP

Back End: MySQL




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