Instant messenger is the one in today’s world that allows a person to have direct phone or chat conversations. Whatsapp, google allo, hike etc are some of the smart messaging applications that are available in today’s world. The instant messenger will allow the person to create his or her own version of whatsapp. Getting connected through such smart messengers is a very easy job if you have a good internet facility. The user interface must be simple, user friendly and easy to use even by the common man. You will be able to send messages, photos, emojis, stickers, your location, video etc through this application without any difficulty.

The drawbacks that are there in the available messengers can be overcome through this application. You can also add some new features that are not available in the existing smart messengers. This will make your instant messenger unique from other application. People due to the busy schedule are not able to meet their loved ones and are not able to spend time with them. At this time the instant messenger will be of great help in order to connect to their loved ones. This will be one of the interesting applications that one can work on and implement in real time world with great ease. The features that can be included in the instant messenger application are as follows:

  • Single chatting: This application will allow the users to have single chatting that is a person to person.
  • Voice chatting: This application can also provide a facility of having voice chatting.
  • Share files: This application can allow sharing the files that are less than 100MB with great ease.
  • Group chatting: This application will also allow the users to create groups and to have group chat.

Features of this project:

  • This looks like small project but it’s a very powerful application
  • This display online users and offline users detail
  • User can create groups and organize their list separately.
  • This also has staff support to monitor the instant chat.

Instant Messaging System

Instant Messaging System

Programming Languages used: HTML, CSS, PHP, AJAX and Javascript

Front End : PHP

Back End: MySQL

Installation steps:-
Extract all the files to a folder of your choice (.i.e. site). The zip contains Instant site maker and all the images you need to create your sales web page.

Creating your first page:-
Two sample word documents are included to show how a typical sales page and thank you page are created from an MS Word document. These can be pasted directly into the sales text box in the software utility. The software requires Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5.5 or higher to be installed on your PC.

Help:- You can get help on each field by moving your mouse pointer of the question mark next to it. As the mouse moves over the question mark a window will pop-up automatically with help text.

Download Source code:


  • Note:
    No component part of this software may be distributed individually, disassembled, copied, reverse engineered, or altered in any form.
  • USERS agree not to use any form of unsolicited e-mail (Spam) or unsolicited messaging, to promote the software.
  • No formal product support is provided, but purchasers are welcome to send questions or comments by email.


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