PHP or Hypertext preprocessor is a scripting language that is used widely worldwide. It is especially used in the web development with great ease. It can be embedded into HTML with great ease. It will help to create dynamic and interactive web pages. It is a very efficiently used scripting language. It is a very simple language that can be used by the beginners without any difficulty. It will also provide many advanced features. PHP development is focused on the server side scripting language. This is a language that is used to create content that is used to interact with the databases.

As the name suggests, the FFA links in PHP will give the information regarding the links that can be added in the PHP code. Nowadays the websites that are designed will contain the web page full of links. Links are the URLs that will direct the user to other pages. In this way the pages of the websites can be increased. This application will give the detailed information about the links that can be added in the PHP file. If the user wants to know regarding the links in PHP can refer to this application. The user interface must be simple and easy to understand. Links are very essential to move from one web page to another with great ease just on click of the link. This application will give the complete details related to the links that are there in PHP without any difficulty.

The link() function in PHP will create the hard link from the existing target to the specified link that is given. The syntax is: link(target, link) where target and link are the required parameters. You can also specify the html link and embed it in the PHP code. It can be given the <a href> link with great ease.

Project Name : FFA Links in PHP

Front Page: PHP

Back End: MySQL




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