Autoindex is a common term that is used in any programming language. Indexing will allow the users who are using the websites that will list the files and the subdirectories. The users will be able to access these files and subdirectories with great ease. Auto index can also be called as directory indexer. The autoindex in PHP script will give you the details of how to do indexing in the PHP script with great ease. This will be one of the applications that will act as a guide in providing information related to the auto indexing used in PHP script.

PHP or Hypertext preprocessor is a scripting language that is used widely worldwide. It is especially used in the web development with great ease. It can be embedded into HTML with great ease. It will help to create dynamic and interactive web pages. It is a very efficiently used scripting language. It is a very simple language that can be used by the beginners without any difficulty. It will also provide many advanced features. PHP development is focused on the server side scripting language. This is a language that is used to create content that is used to interact with the databases.

This will be one of the applications that one can depend on in order to get information related to the autoindex in PHP script. The features of autoindex in PHP script are as follows:

  • Search: The autoindexing will provide the users the options of searching the files and the subdirectories that are present.
  • Icons: Each file type that is present can be assigned with the icons.
  • Admin panel: The autoindexing can also provide the support of the admin panel.
  • Uploads: The files that are uploaded by the users can be shown through this.
  • File descriptions: The file descriptions will also be present for the files that are available.

Project Name: AutoIndex PHP Script

Front End: PHP

Back End: MySQL




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