Family Connection System

Family Connection System is a user-friendly, private website. By using this website, people can communicate with their family and friends. They can share messages, documents, photos etc.

Family Connection is an Content Management System (CMS) and it is also called as FCMS. CMS is a application and it allows the people who don’t know about HTML to develop and maintain a website.

The main aim of Family connection website is to develop a easy to use family website application. The difference between FCMS and other CMS applications is that, we developed FCMS specially for the families. It is user-friendly and works very efficiently.

The main features of family connection are given below:

  • You can track birthdays, reunions and anniversaries of your friends and relatives on the calendar
  • Create a blog in Family News section
  • Communicate with your relatives and friends on the Message Board
  • You can share your photos on the Photo Gallery
  • Share your favorite side dishes, desserts and more on the Recipes section with your friends and relatives.
  • Can store addresses and contact numbers in the Address Book

Software Requirements:

Operating System: Windows XP/2000

Front End: PHP

Back End: Apache HTTP server 2.2

 Hardware Requirements:

Processor: Pentium Processor IV or higher

RAM: Minimum 1 GB RAM

Hard Disk: 60 GB Hard Disk or more

Mouse: Optical Mouse


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